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The principal target is of helping to create a "Culture of the creativity, of the creation of new products, new business ideas and of an enterprising spirit", which to ours to understand are some of the most important and necessary ways to achieve the legitimate and supported growth of the developing countries.

We try to achieve this target of the following way:

  • Helping to create an optimistic and enterprising mentality: For which we put at the disposal of the visitors of the place, Internet addresses where to find courses, books and free articles that help to achieve this target., which transmit an incredible optimism that generates in turn a desire to progress and to take new roads and projects.

  • Promoting the development of the imagination and the creativity: For which we put at the disposal of the visitors of the place, Internet addresses where to find free courses and information that help to achieve this target.

  • Promoting the capacity building of generating business ideas: To achieve this we offer a free fortnightly bulletin with the most valuable information about "business original Ideas" and a bank of business ideas free for those that want to know new and original emprendimientos. Also announcing directions of places in which there can be free courses that teach to generate business ideas.

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