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It sells devices GPS  for trailing satelital of stolen cars or objects of big value.

Locators GPS I Rake satelital. This is an excellent idea of business. There exist already companies that children are making chips or trailing devices and objects location basing in the location technology satelital GPS (Global Positioning System) The system offers the exact coordinates of the vehicle or object, with an error margin from 10 to 15 meters.
These devices are costly at present, but nevertheless it is an investment that is worth while if it is a question of protecting objects of big value like motorcars, pictures, jewels, electronic devices like TV sets of plasma, notebooks and up to persons to avoid relatives' sequestrations of wealthy persons, etc.
Acquaintance is already his use in trucks of companies of logistics and transport to detect and to avoid merchandise thefts across the trailing system satelital GPS.
To offer it to motorcars concessionaires is for example a good idea, although motorcars of high scale already include these geolocalización systems they still do not bring the most common motorcars. These might offer it in turn to the buyers of costly cars so that they could locate it in case of theft.
Following the same proposal you can offer it also in shops of electronics, important jewelry shops, museums, etc.: Do you have any acquaintance who possesses a value object and cannot live in peace for fear to which it is stolen? Solve the life, offer him a chip or device GPS so that in case they steal it from themselves he could know where his valued object is in 15

Locators GPStrailing satelital

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