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It works from your house or office with Herbalife

Network Marketing is today one of the business systems most recommended by the experts and millionaires to reach the financial freedom. On the other hand the business sector recounted to the "Well-being and Quality of life" is in the one that foresees the biggest growth in the next 30 years.

For these two motives, this important company of Network Marketing related to the Well-being, with more than 25 years on the market and million distributors in more than 60 countries it is a very important business opportunity that must not allow being analyzed.

This activity and the company for which we work from our hearth are transforming radically the life of thousands of persons into the world so much at economic level allowing them to reach financial freedom and wealth as at health level.

Is here all the information that you need to transform your life forever:

1) Business proposal

Herbalife is a golden and incomparable business opportunity for persons of all the ages, nationalities, professions and conditions.

You can aspire to obtain quickly extra money working part-time or important and unlimited income working on time I complete, always with schedules freedom and without chiefs.

The possibilities and benefits of this business are:

  • Possibility of working completely from his hearth or office

  • He does not need to interrupt other activities

  • High profitability and minimal investment

  • Opportunity to generate new sources of economic income for his life

  • Schedules freedom

  • Possibility of election of working part-time or finished

  • Possibility of receiving residual income or privileges of for life.

  • Without Chiefs, personnel or orders to be fulfilled

  • I access to formation and personal development

  • Know optimistic and entertaining persons and have a motivating social life

  • Contribute to the development and well-being of other persons

  • Construct an excellent retirement

  • Leave a heredity to his children, The privileges caused by the business that you develop are inheritable

  • Develop international business Internet route


2) The company for which we work

Herbalife is the company world Leader in products for control of weight and nutrition in the world. The USA was Founded in 1980, in Los Angeles. At present it is present in more than 60 countries.  

Herbalife possesses a prestigious team of doctors and nutricionistas of international recognition that they are who develop the products.

 Between whom they form his prestigious medical equipment they are the Doctor David Heber, the Director of the Center for the Human Nutrition of the University of California of Los Angeles and Dr. Louis J. Winning Ignarro in 1998 of the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology.

Herbalife possesses more than 50 million persons satisfied with his products in the entire world with certified results.

Herbalife  quotes his actions in the Stock Exchange of Values of New York under the acronym HLF.


3) That is what it is necessary to do, as money is gained and as privileges are obtained of by life.

The bad nutrition and the sedentarismo are the principal causes of:

Excess weight and obesity, chronic fatigue, depression, lacking in energy, muscular pains, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, cardiac problems, osteoporosis and others.

Do these problems turn out to be familiar to him? He has already declared himself to the obesity and his complications like epidemic in the developing countries and in the developed ones. The products that help to fight these problems are the boom of the moment and they mark the tendency for the next 30 years.

 The products Herbalife are delightful supplements highly nourishing account books of free sale, developed científicamente based on products herbales natural to help to solve these problems of root, allowing those who them use to obtain extraordinary results, both as for control of weight and level of energy and health in general.

Know the Products Herbalife

 Our work is of selling the products from our hearth. Offering initially the products to our nearby circle of relatives and friends or clients that we have of another activity. Asking them in turn to warn his acquaintances or persons who need to control weight (to go down or to rise), also across notices classified under newspapers, publications, Internet, etc or leaflets distribution.

Across these simple steps the first interested parties and clients can be. When you manage your own clients and the relatives obtain these the result and acquaintances of these clients will want to prove the products transforming in new clients.

To many of these satisfied clients that you created it can be interesting to them to sell these products, because those who have seen his results ask themselves for them. Then you can create new distributors obtaining profit for his sales. With the time the sum of the profit of the buys that his final clients do to him more profit of the buys that his distributors do to him they generate very high income.

 This without telling that the distributors created by you are creating their own distribution ones and this way successively.

With the time the network of clients and distributors becomes very important and his income also.

 On having talked each other of products of monthly restoration, the satisfied clients buy again on the following month.

 The profitability is high, depending on the buy volume it can go so far as to obtain between 25 % to 50 % of profit for sale for. But there is more...

2nd) Creating new distributors:

As it was explained that earlier you can create easily a distributors' network, which in turn can generate others, originating this way a network of several levels.

You will get profit for the buys that these distributors realize him and it will obtain privileges in accordance with the volume of sales of all his network or distributors' organization.

The income generated this way can become unlimited, since only they depend on the size of the distributors' network that you construct.

With running of the years, the privileges become very important. These in turn are inheritable. That is to say it can be transmitted to other generations of his family (Children) the day that you are not. It is a life insurance, an insurance of work, a heredity for his children.

3rd) how are created new distributors and a distributors' network?

Several ways exist and it is so simple as to sell the products:

 1st) The clients satisfied with the products, obtain notable results in his body and in his life, some of them realize that they might distribute them offering them to other persons be already because they possess a clients' portfolio (they have or are employed at a commerce, office, etc.), because they have selling spirit or because relatives and friends request them the products.

2nd) Persons who need an independent, profitable business and of minimal investment: Most of the work places and conventional labor activities are esclavizantes, they need a lot of time and dedication that in many cases the dire needs of the persons make neglect (sports, feeding, friends, dear beings, social life, I study) and his families (children, spouse) that is to say, his biggest interests and sleep.

Generating, all this, serious problems of anxiety, depression, anxiety, weariness, fear, dissatisfaction. All the persons we think about how to improve our quality of life and Herbalife is an excellent option to achieve it.

All the persons in his city or country does he believe that they are in this situation?

Are all that hoping that you should make them know the opportunity Herbalife?

Across classified notices, leaflets, notices in Internet, the persons who are in this situation can know Herbalife and change his lives forever.

3rd) it Can announce this proposal across Internet placing notices in different places of Internet like classified free, places with related subject-matters, etc. that an international organization will help him to create. You can create distributors in any place of the world where Herbalife works and achieve this it is very simple.


Since the young people and students benefit

Herbalife is the perfect labor option for young people and students.

Generation H is the group of independent distributors of between 18 and 30 years of age. He is enterprising, optimistic and entertaining young people with who you will be able to develop new friends, share motivating, bulging experiences, diversions, and learn to gain your own money.

- In contrast to the conventional labor market, here it is not necessary that you have previous experience. Alone it must be honest, have overcoming desires, of progressing in the life and of being independent.

- You will handle your own schedules, will not have chiefs, will choose your free time, being able to work where from you want like for example your house, university, cybercafes, shoppings, etc.

- You will have access to different forms of training Internet route, across the television channel "in line" of available Herbalife in free form 24 hs. Of the day 365 days of the year, or across seminars, meetings, etc.

- With what you win you will be able to cover your needs to pay your exits of weekend, your studies, your clothing, to save money and much more.


Since the Housewives and family Mothers benefit

The housewives and mothers of small children can increase to a great extent the economic income of the family without neglecting his activities or without stopping attending and raising his children since they can realize this work from his hearth choosing to taste the hours of the day in which realizing the work.


 - A few hours of dedication per day will allow him to obtain excellent income.

- Thanks to the TV channel for Internet of Herbalife of free, available access them 24:s. Of the day, 365 days of the year it will be able to qualify and learn of the best and most successful distributors of the world, in the serviceability of its own house.

- The money investment to begin is very low.

- The products are of monthly restoration for what obtaining from 25 to 30 clients obtain income very superior to the salary of a basic employment.

- It will be able to create an organization of new distributors from his computer with Internet connection and increase his income in unlimited form.

- It will have the possibility of being related to other housewives or family mothers in spite of whom sharing experiences, to establish friends and to increase his social life.

- Neither experience nor knowledge previous is needed, any person, of any condition they can begin this exciting economic activity.


Since the businessmen, professionals and persons benefit in dependency relation

The proposal to be a distributor independent from Herbalife will allow him to obtain a new revenue source of for life without vacating his activity, business, company or profession.

- It will be able to realize the work be where it is. Across Internet it will be able to qualify, buy and sell products, create new distributors, qualify or motivate to his distributors' network. While he travels, he rests in a hotel, from a cybercafe, while it is on holiday, from any place of the world.

- It will be able to obtain profit from 25 % to 50 % for sale, privileges and incentives for volume of sales of his organization.

- It will be able to develop his organization inside 63 countries where it produces Herbalife. There does not matter the country in which you reside.

- Has he thought one day of initiating a business for his account? Did it do the calculation of the investment that he would need? To be part of the network of distributors independent from Herbalife he needs to realize only a minimal investment.

- With Herbalife he does not have to handle personnel, either costs of structure or fixed costs.


Frequent questions about Herbalife

Is it a sale door to door?

No. The direct sale is one of the forms of generating income. These are generated inside the group of belonging of the distributor (acquaintances, friends, relatives, clients and recounted of these) and arise from the recommendation. The sales arise from the results obtained with the use of the products.

Is it a legal business proposal? Are his products authorized?

Surely if, both the way of operating and the products are approved and authorized by all the secretariats and corresponding departments in every country in which it operates. It is so simple and legal like buying and selling, but much more profitable than the conventional form.

Between the Herbalife distributors find hundreds of doctors, nutricionistas, professional in general, executives who have seen here a real and excellent business opportunity.

With regard to the products, Herbalife has a "Consulting Medical Advice" and a "Group of Medical matters" to those whom it can consult before doubts.

Are there medicines?

No, supplements are developed account books of free sale científicamente to obtain proved maxima. Also how in case of the previous question, before any doubt can it realize consultations or request medical advice to the "Consulting Medical Advice" or to the "Group of Medical matters".

Are products alone to lose weight?

No. The products Herbalife contribute all the nutrients that the human body needs to reach an ideal health. In accordance with every program it is possible to control the weight, to slim, to increase or to support it in permanent form. Also products of External Nutrition have joined for the care and rejuvenation of the skin and physical aspect in general.

Who can develop this business?

All the biggest age persons, according to the laws of the country in which you reside.

What requisites must be fulfilled to be an independent distributor?

There is not needed any type of personal condition or previous knowledge.  

Where is it possible to develop the business?

There is no geographical limit. You can contact persons in his city, in his country and in any of the countries where the company has operations.

How many persons can be sponsored?

To all that you want. There is no any limit. You can sponsor every major age person.

Will it be late to add me to the business? Will the market be saturated?

No. On the contrary, every time there are more persons who need our products. Every day the quantity of obese persons increases or with excess weight, simultaneously that the birth rate is bigger than that of new distributors. This is the best moment to begin.

Do these products sell?

If. The persons buy the products Herbalife because they need to improve his health from an excellent nutrition. Each one acquires the program that is adapted to his needs and possibilities. Whenever someone obtains turned out his acquaintances' circle he asks for the products and wants to prove them.

Is it necessary to realize initial or monthly obligatory buys, to support a certain stock?

Not, by no means, every Distributor can buy in accordance with the orders that it receives or can realize buy volumes determined to obtain major discounts but there is no obligation of buy of initial or monthly products. The only thing that he must acquire to begin there is the International Bundle of Business or IBP for his initials in English, who enables it like distributor and to begin to realize buys with discount.


How to begin?

You can begin already same as Distribution / Distribution Independent from Herbalife International!

All the Independent Distributors we begin of the same form: Acquiring our International Business Caja ” (IBP for his initials in English).

According to the country where you reside the IBP can take some of the forms indicated in the photos. Inside her an international License comes with the only and unrepeatable number, the manual of the business (4 volumes: information about products, marketing plan, administration of the business and ethics), catalog of products, a product of control of weight (to use it and to be able to recommend it) and advertizing material.

The price of the IBP is of U$S 80 (American Dollars) and you can acquire it already same or consult us more.

This is the only investment that will have to do to begin.

We invite it to make use of this extraordinary opportunity, there begins now an incredible way of growth, economic independence and financial safety.

Like already buying his IBP and beginning now his own business:

If he lives in Argentina:

I send Argentine Mail with payment contrarrembolso:Solicítelo now, it receives it in 24/48Horas and pays it on having received it in the serviceability of his hearth.

Means of Payment with Cards Visa, Master's degree, Amex and OrangeCredit card: There can pay even in 6 quotas his credit card turn VISA, MASTER'S DEGREE CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, ORANGE and get it in 24/48 hours for Argentine Mail.

If He Lives in another Country:

Credit card: It can be paid even in 6 quotas across credit card by VISA, MASTER'S DEGREE CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS. Then it is sent from his country by the local mail.

Consult us:

Name and Surname




Direction of E-mail

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Does he wish that it / to llamemos? Indicate his Phone and area code

Better hour for llamarlo/a phone?

Do you want to begin? Do you want to consult us more? Send to us a comment


It arrives

Visit us regularly. Every week we will add new business ideas and resources that will help you to transform your life.

Thank you very much for visiting!

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