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Like improving your self-esteem and triumphing in the life

What opinion do you have about yourself? What value has for you you proper life, your own existence?.  

Did you know that the course of your life depends largely on the answers that you give to these questions?

To have a high self-esteem does not mean to believe you more important than the others, means to know and have full conscience of which your life is infinitely valuable and so important as that of the others, beyond what the others think or say, beyond what you should do or of whom you should be, without needing that someone recognizes it after you or expresses. To be able to accept with humor and happiness your own defects, errors and limitations you without going so far as to despise or to feel injured, valuing the gift of the life for on all the things.  

Are here some recommendations that can help you to improve your self-esteem, do put them into practice:

1 - It realizes a list of your virtues and qualities. You know that you have them, but do a list and read them, take pleasure on having reflected in that things you are good, good.

2 - Do not think only about your defects. He remembers that the whole world has them. If you think about them do not do it in order to reproach yourself or to begin faults, that serves neither for you nor for anybody, do it simply in order to try to change and always improve, that is to say, thinking about a better future.

3 - He thinks about how without faults to enjoy the life. Do not always postpone you. You are very important, date to yourself the place that corresponds to you first, this way also you will be more useful to the others. If you are not well first: How can you transmit well-being to the others?

4 - He encourages friends, groups, meetings, do not isolate yourself. Do a list of friends, if you see that you have few ones it is always good to read some book on as cultivating friends, to manage friends or on human relations, it is an exciting and captivating topic. You will not repent.

5 - Do not continue blindly the opinions about the others without reflecting. It fixes your own criterion. What you think also is important. Nobody is so wise that it does not have anything that to learn not so ignorant that it should not have anything to teach.

6 - It leaves that the others help you, accepts sweet talk and compliments. If you are thinking about being going on for a moment from depression or anxiety do not hesitate to look for professional help, we all need it one day.

7 - Do not do too many reproaches to yourself and he stops comparing you continuously with the others or with whom seemingly it they goes better in the life.

8 - He learns to say NOT, does not mean that you are bad or a villain or that they are going to stop loving you.

9 - Devote time, take care of your physical aspect and why not... do gifts to yourself.

10 - He smiles at the life, thinks why you should sew he is worth while living, tries to be optimistic and positive. and for on all the things, HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOU YOURSELF.
Since you will see, it is very important you to have a time and a place to reflect on this topic. If you still have not done it, do this gift to yourself. It is possible that your life changes marvelously!
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