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Products HERBALIFE, of natural origin by means of grasses, for CONTROL OF WEIGHT.

Available for Argentina. Know them!

Científicamente developed by HERBALIFE INTERNATIONAL, world leading corporation in nutritional products to obtain proved maxima. To slim or to recover weight, now it is possible.

Revolutionary products to slim used successfully in the whole world for more than 20 years and million satisfied clients.

  • They help to control the famine.

  • They contribute all the nutrients that his organism needs.

  • They offer major energy helping to fight the states of fatigue and weariness.

  • They help to reduce the cellulitis.

  • They activate the intestinal transit,

  • They help to the elimination of liquids.

  • They allow to support the weight as soon as the results were reached.

  • Tasty and easy to take.

  • Completely accessible prices.

  • We send any city of Argentina in 24 - 48 hours.

  • We need Distributors in Argentina. Click Aquí

  • Choose the form of more suitable payment.

  • Payment Contrarrembolso or credit card even in 6 quotas.

Know the products that are changing the quality and the life style of million persons into the world and into our country. Testimonies




Nutritional Shake Mix
Drink in Dust, supplement account book

There is the drink of nutritive protein of low calories for meals substitution científicamente more an available advanced post. The balanced nutrition combines in an only way that you need with the results of control of weight that you want.

His special formula contains an exclusive miscellany of natural ingredients, provides 9 grams of protein, 19 vitamins, minerals and grasses. Contribute big quantity of antirust!

It is designed to help him to feel satisfied and fully of energy and this way not wish slightly healthy food and tidbits that they can turn away to him from his weight control, you do not feel famine and it gains energy.

It has suppressed shallows of fat and sodium and it is an excellent source of dietetic fibre. It includes 18 amino acids that help to his body to work at his best level. It helps to support the balance of energy of his body favoring the fats reduction

In 5 delightful flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Cookies and Cream

I BOAST: $ 119 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

To consult more

Multivitamin Complex
Tablets - Multivitamins, minerals and grasses

It includes 21 vitamins and minerals more a miscellany of natural grasses to found the foundations of a good health of long term.

It helps to the control of healthy weight and to the immune system.

It contains antirust factors, betacaroteno, vitamin c, vitamin E and selenium, which the cells of the free radicals help to protect.

I complement for a finished nutrition!

I BOAST: $ 107 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

To consult more

Personalized Protein Powder
Protein in dust to mix
  • It satisfies and controls the famine.
  • It supports a suitable ingestion of lean protein.
  • It strengthens and supports the lean muscular mass and accelerates the metabolism so that it could burn more fat.
  • The plenitude sensation increases!

The cells of the immune system, skin, hair and muscles depend on the proteins for his functioning and growth.

It contains Isoflavonas that help to support a level of healthy cholesterol. Rich in cistina and metionina, vital both for the development of the muscles.

It is mixed by any drink, warm or cold one. He helps to assure a suitable protein consumption. Ideal in batters, drinks, soups and sauces for pasta.

I BOAST: $ 104 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

To consult more

The following products can accompany to the programs in which the previous products are used in order to accelerate more the process of control of weight.

It helps to reduce the orange skin appearance. It eliminates liquids and helps to fight the cellulitis.

Formula with vitamins, minerals and grasses. It contains vitamin C, with antirust activity and potassium, a vital mineral that is missing when a feeding low in calories follows.

Ideal to accompany any program of control of weight Herbalife

$ BOASTED 81 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

To consult more

Yellow Thermojetics

It contains Garcinia Cambogia and chromium GTE that help to resist the desires to eat sandwiches and are charitable for those who need an additional impulse to bear the weight reduction.

The chromium reduces the sugar levels in blood, for which he avoids the food consumption especially of sweets.

I BOAST: $ 109 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

To consult more

Fibre and Grasses

It contains natural fibre and the best grasses selection especially combined to obtain the best results, includes oats fibre and an exclusive interview mixes of grasses.

 Them take every day to stop to regularize and to clean his intestinal, basic function of a good long-term quality of life.

I BOAST: $ 49 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

To consult more

Lipo Bond

It gets together with the food that you consume so that his body absorbs less fat.

It absorbs less fats at the same time that his fibres consumption increases. Feel more satisfied and reduce his cholesterol levels.

I BOAST: $ 81 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

To consult more

Herbal Concentrate Thermojetics.

Dust to prepare instantaneously

Instantaneous drink by means of grasses. During thousands of years the grasses have had an important role in the preparation of meals and drinks, especially in China.

By means of you green Chinese. It contains fructose to control his anxiety. A stimulant drink, miscellany of five natural botanical agents of rapid action. Every portion contains very few calories (1,5 kcal)

Complement his program of control of weight with a gratifying cup of this formula energizante and cover the simple pleasures of the life.

Reduce located measurements and fats! Accelerate his results with Thermojetics

For 50 grams I BOAST: $ 92 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

For 100 grams I BOAST: $ 161 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

To consult more

Antirust, energizantes natives, desintoxicantes, mejoradores of the cardiovascular system.
Rose Ox

Powerful miscellany of antirust components. The singular "Effect in cascade" of the Rosemary activates antirust others like the vitamin E to prolong the antirust protection.

I BOAST: $ 126 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

To consult more


Supplement with Omega-3 for the cardiovascular health and of the joints. It helps to support triglicéridos levels inside normal status.

I BOAST: $ 141 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

To consult more

NRG Guaraná

Natural Energizante. His mental agility increases, helping to level the adrenaline. It reduces the fatigue, the headaches and the migraines.

His energy increases!

I BOAST: $ 73 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

To consult more


Natural enzymes supplement to improve the digestion and food assimilation with proteins.

Formula natural and adapted for vegetarians. Help to digest and assimilate the proteins!

I BOAST: $ 67 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

To consult more


Calcium supplement concentrated to strengthen the bones and teeth. It contains vitamin D, magnesium, and grasses for a better absorption and use of the calcium.

  • It strengthens the bones
  • It protects the bony thickness
  • Suplementa his diet with calcium vitamins and grasses

I BOAST: $ 50 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

To consult more

Herbal Aloe Vera Bebida

Refreshing drink and digestive tonic. It supports the internal cleanliness and the digestive health. It relieves the digestive system. The concentrate of Herbal Aloe helps naturally to the purification of the body.

It contains enzymes, amino acids and vitamins. Completely free of aloína that is the substance that gives the bitter flavor to the aloe. Enjoy it like complement of his daily diet.

I BOAST: $ 130 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

To consult more

AS TO USE THE PRODUCTS: Programs of Control of Weight
SHAPEWORKS Basic Program

Nutritional Shake Mix + Multivitamin Complex

Use the combination of these two products to control successfully his weight.

I BOAST: $ 226 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

To consult more

Shapeworks Programa Forward position

Nutritional Shake Mix + Multivitamin Complex + Personalized Protein Powder.

For persons with major need to control the appetite and major needs for protein

I BOAST: $ 330 (Argentine pesos)
More $ 10 for mailing cost

To consult more

Shapeworks Programa Básico or Avanzado + Gas pedals

Perfect for persons who need to lower very much weight without anxiety, control appetite, compulsive desires to eat at every hour and with problems of cold or constipation.

He can decide in favor of the program Basic or advanced more the following complements:

Fibre and grasses: He promotes the intestinal regularity and helps to a good digestion.

Yellow: It helps to control the appetite to reduce the desire to eat between meals.

Cell-U-Loss: It helps to reduce the liquids accumulation and improves the appearance of the skin. It helps to fight the cellulitis.

Lipo Bond: Formulated to increase the satiety sensation. It stimulates the organism to eliminate the fats excess.

Herbal Concentrate: It raises his energy, allows to enjoy the antirust properties of you green. It supports the weight control.

I BOAST: It depends on the elected components. Indicate them in his order.

To consult

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